Asian Fried Spaghetti

A lovely thing about cooking is being able to cook for people whenever, as long as there’s a kitchen. It doesn’t have to be fully equipped, although the essential knife, pot and hob is necessary.

Anyway, what I really mean to say is, HELLO FROM HONG KONG! I’m staying in my sister’s apartment right now and just made us some brunch. Due to her very busy work schedule, she hardly has the time to make her own meals at home. As a result, there isn’t much food in the house. The night before I bought a packet of spaghetti from the grocer’s downstairs and together with a couple of frozen goodies in the freezer, this was what we had this morning. Yum.


Asian Fried Spaghetti

  1. Minced garlic is the KEY ingredient. I cannot emphasise that further. Prepare.
  2. Ingredients sliced and chopped up appropriately, fried and tossed with minced garlic in vegetable, sunflower or peanut oil.
  3. Pasta added once cooked to al dente. In goes salt and pepper for seasoning. ‘Herbage’ is a bonus.

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