About Me

     I am Nigel and I am skinny. I have devoted most of my life to putting on weight, so yes, I eat alot and I love food. Currently residing in London and living alone, I cook for myself most of the time now. Enter to witness how I Cook for Myself, and through that understand how you too, can enjoy meals made on your own.

In the greater scheme of things, I hope you would take more time to prepare proper meals for yourself every day, to appreciate the possibility of many luxurious flavours that could lie beneath your palette. Eat well and live happy.

May the food be with you. In your stomach.

4 responses to “About Me

  • Ignatious

    Nigel, I love the blog banner so much!

  • L

    Hi Nigel

    Was searching online for new recipes to cook for myself, since I’m living miles away from home. And here I am. (it all started with the search for bacon aglio olio) I love to eat and could eat a lot. But I’m not too keen on putting on any more weight. Oh! I rambled on and on without mentioning my main reason for this comment – I like the photos and simple step-bu-step layout, although there isn’t any specific quantity stated for the ingredients.. (not that it’s a big issue, I just find it peculiar.. buying the ingredients to cook for one is more problematic for me. sigh..)

    Cheers, eat and be merry!

    • skinnynigel

      Hi L,

      First, thank you very much for the comment! We don’t get very much activity around here. And sorry for the super late response, it’s been quite hiatus we’re taking but I hope you’ve been cooking more than we’ve been posting!

      Cooking for one can be difficult at first but what’s a good starting point is having the basic supplies always ready at hand. Apart from the usual salt and pepper, vegetable oil and butter, soy sauce and sesame oil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil, you’d want to have flavouring ingredients like garlic and onions, carrots and potatoes. Also, having a good larder of dried pasta and rice, or noodles and other grains like couscous and bulgar wheat, is convenient to have. Because these dried goods last a long time, you don’t have to worry about them going off too soon. Finally, frozen meats are the way to go if you’re cooking for one. If meats are bought fresh, portion them out before chucking them into the freezer; that way you’ll only have to defrost a portion at a time, which is easier and quicker as well. You can basically freeze any kind of meat for up to six months, from poultry to fish, bacon to venison, having them available for your picking any time of the day.

      With these basic aspects of your kitchen in order, you’d be able to whip up meals for one easily. As you get better at it and become more adventurous, it won’t be long before your larder expands with more ingredients and grains, more sauces and flavours, more herbs and spices.

      The possibilities are endless, so keep cooking and be merry!

      All the best!
      – Nigel

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