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Greener Pastures

Many thanks for the great support over the past couple of skinnynigel years. While posts here will continue to pop up here and there, please turn your attention to a new space at Whisk&Knife. Do note that this site is NOT dead, it’s just that most of the kitchen activity revolves around Whisk&Knife for now. Hope to see you on the other side!


Featured: Something Human

I don’t fancy myself a writer or anything too serious when it comes to the industry of writing, but just last week Something Human, an international curator-collective approached me for an entry on their website. I thought maybe I’d share it here.

New Kitchen Addition!

Too many cooking shows and too many fantasies brings about a new purchase and addition for the kitchen. Yes, I finally own my very own utility knife. And what better is there than a GLOBAL knife? Made by the Japanese, formed like a samurai sword, cutting carrots is a breeeeeze.

Alright, fine, I know it’s not quite the cheapest merchandise out there, but anyone who has this in their kitchen can vouch that it’s AMAZING.

Blah. Enough raving. People just need to know that if they’re gonna start revamping their kitchen, the knives are the first place to start. No kitchen is right without long-lasting razor sharp knives.


New Year’s Dinner 2012

You’d know by now that we’re in 2012, unless you live under a rock. In which case, I think it’s awesome how you have internet access under there.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to spend the new year with my best mate Sam and his lovely family. We’ve known each other since we were ten, and this new year’s day, I had the privilege of making dinner for his family, who are my family’s friends as well.

Planned out a three-course meal, which I wouldn’t say went perfect in terms of timing. After a coupla not-so-smooth processes and hair-pulling moments in the kitchen, here’s what was served:


Poached and butter-roasted leg of chicken on carrot smash. Served with a deviled egg of spinach and cheddar, and a white-wine lemon jus.


Roasted beef and peppers, dwarf beans and sweet potato gratin. Garnished with a seared mushroom of fresh lemon juice.


Bittersweet chocolate raspberry tart

Photography: Gerard Bong


After this episode, I know how much more I should be doing in the kitchen, there is indeed a lack of finesse, dynamism and flare. 2012, here I come!

In any case, everyone here at Cook For Myself wishes you a splendid year ahead, may you be blessed with a great abundance of superb food, preferably of those made in your kitchen. Merry New Year to all!


And what do you know, during this time of festivity, I’ve been given the chance to direct and produce the music video of Binary Concept’s English acoustic cover of Let It Snow. Check it out!

New Cookware Addition!

This evening, on the way to the supermarket, I walked into TK Maxx, hoping perhaps to find a wool pullover of some sort. I did see a couple. £16.99. £15. £18.99. £49.

Ultimately, I left the store with this:

Hard-Adonised Skillet – £8.99

I couldn’t resist; been coveting an anodised pan for too long now. Well, needless to say, I made dinner with this tonight. Bear with me while I gush about the new skillet: It heats up on the gas stove in practically 10 seconds, and the heat is distributed incredibly evenly. Because of this then, cooking meat is a breeze: every bit that’s in contact with the pan receives the same treatment – temperature-wise – so the food comes out evenly cooked! Not to mention, its non-stick quality is fantastic, making washing up easy. To top it off, it’s oven-proof, up to 200ºC!

In any case, here was dinner! CHINESE!

Black Pepper Beef


Pan-seared Mushrooms and Onions

Stir-fried Cabbage

All eaten with steamed basmati and belachan chilli. Happy days, forever.

Halloween Munchkin!

Alright, so it’s the last day of October. The time of the year when adults and children alike, prowl the streets, looking like zombies, mummies and Spiderman. We don’t really celebrate it back home but since I’m in London now, I felt a slight obligation to keep up with the festive spirit.

Stephenie bought a couple of munchkins (mini-pumpkins) from the supermarket last week, and tonight, we decided to get some carving done!

Here’s what we did!



Oh, and here’s what I saw on the train a coupla days back! It definitely deserves some affection.


(If you’ve done carvings of your own, and would like to share, leave a link in the comments below! Sorry, no prizes for the best ones, but I’d really love to see them! )

First Kitchen Experience

I know it’s been a crazy long while since I’ve posted an entry. Well, that’s only ‘cos I’ve been working at a Shabu-shabu restaurant the past couple weeks. My first ever experience in a restaurant kitchen, and I got to wear a chef’s hat!

‘Shabu No Koya’ is the name of the place, located at the basement of Liang Court, Singapore. Drop in for a meal of sliced-on-the-spot premium meats and freshly prepared vegetables!


Here you can see my shifu’s Crystal and Andy. They’re awesome.
But you won’t catch me there anymore. I’m gonna be in Hong Kong; heard much about the food scene there. Heh.