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New Cookware Addition!

This evening, on the way to the supermarket, I walked into TK Maxx, hoping perhaps to find a wool pullover of some sort. I did see a couple. £16.99. £15. £18.99. £49.

Ultimately, I left the store with this:

Hard-Adonised Skillet – £8.99

I couldn’t resist; been coveting an anodised pan for too long now. Well, needless to say, I made dinner with this tonight. Bear with me while I gush about the new skillet: It heats up on the gas stove in practically 10 seconds, and the heat is distributed incredibly evenly. Because of this then, cooking meat is a breeze: every bit that’s in contact with the pan receives the same treatment – temperature-wise – so the food comes out evenly cooked! Not to mention, its non-stick quality is fantastic, making washing up easy. To top it off, it’s oven-proof, up to 200ºC!

In any case, here was dinner! CHINESE!

Black Pepper Beef


Pan-seared Mushrooms and Onions

Stir-fried Cabbage

All eaten with steamed basmati and belachan chilli. Happy days, forever.