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Brownie Upsized

Okay, so I’m not a sucker for dessert like most people are. But I do appreciate the occasional sweet treat to end a hearty meal. Besides, dessert always scores the points for a multi-course meal; always the crowd-pleaser. I’m not really a baker but just recently, I learnt how to make some pretty damn good brownies (courtesy of Sarah).

Now with brownies in my hat of tricks, check this out:

When the brownies are nice and warm, top with a scoop of ice cream – vanilla works best, in my opinion. Drizzle honey and a bunch of oats or crushed nuts. Serve.

It’s that simple. You can even plop a small glob of blackcurrant jam instead of honey and oats, whatever makes you happy.

This works even when you have an batch of brownies, which you baked the day before, in the fridge.

Photo Courtesy of Jiahui Chong

Simply pop a couple into the microwave, land a scoop of ice cream on them and enjoy your happy treat over your kitchen counter. Alone. At midnight. If done quietly, nobody’s gonna know.

It’ll be our sweet little secret.